Choosing High-Quality Pressure Washer Spray Tips

Pressure washers work to remove dirt and grime that other pieces of equipment cannot tackle. If you are not using the right spray tips for the job, you will find that the pressure washer is not adequately getting the job done. There are some common tips that you can start using right now to ensure that you are always using the right tips on your pressure washer.

Types of Pressure Washer Spray Tips

Types of Pressure Washer Spray Tips

Knowing the Differences Between the Pressure Washer Spray Tips

There are five primary spray tips that you can use on a pressure washer. It is critical that you know what each of these is for or else your pressure washing sessions will not be as effective as you need them to be. The following are the five tips that you have to choose from:

  • Red tips: These tips are the most powerful and they provide a zero degree spray pattern.
  • Green tips: These tips are best for cleaning things like brick patios, decks, walkways and outdoor furniture. They provide a 25-degree spray pattern.
  • Black tips: This tip allows for the most gentle spray of water and is generally used for rinsing. The spray pattern is 65 degrees.
  • Yellow tips: This tip is best for removing concrete stains and other heavy duty work. It gives a 15 degree spray pattern.
  • White tips: When you use a white tip, use it for cleaning soft stucco walls or siding on a house. It provides you with a 40-degree spray pattern.

Exploring the Various Nozzle Types

There are different nozzles in addition to the color-coded tips. All of these nozzles work differently and create different types of power for your pressure washer. The types of nozzles include the following:

  • Rotary turbo nozzle: This nozzle increases the pressure of the water as much as 10 times more than normal.
  • Brass soap nozzles: This is a 500 PSI nozzle to rinse and apply wax and soap.
  • Sewer nozzles: These are designed so that you are able to clean in the corners of various pipes.
  • Duct cleaning nozzles: You will use this nozzle when you need to pressure wash things like ducts, vents, tanks, trash chutes and restaurant hoods.
  • Foam nozzles: You can use this nozzle on any surface when you need to dispense a thick disinfectant foam for cleaning.
  • Hi/low variable nozzles: These range from approximately 2,500 to 4,000 PSI in water strength. They are primarily used to dispense soap.
  • Power chem nozzles: When you need to spray chemicals, liquids and soaps through a chemical siphon at high pressure, this is the best nozzle.

Now you know what it takes to choose the best pressure washer spray tips for the job. Use these tips every time you are getting ready for a job and need to apply the right tip to your equipment. Using the right tips ensures a higher level of productivity so that you can get the job done and move onto the next.

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