Quick and Easy Window Cleaning Tips

When it comes to keeping your home clean, cleaning your windows is probably your least favorite job. However, with the right window cleaning tips, it is easy to keep your windows clean without much hassle or effort.

When you are doing it the right way, you are working to protect your windows and help to keep your home cleaner as a whole. Just make sure that you are using the right equipment and the right techniques so that the process goes smoothly.

Window cleaning Tips

Necessary Window Cleaning Equipment

Before you start cleaning your windows, you have to collect the right equipment. Use the following to best clean all of the windows on your home:

Squeegee Squeegee

Toss those paper towels and purchase a basic squeegee for a professional window cleaning. Ideally, you want two different sizes so that you can easily clean the various windows on your home.
Bucket Bucket

You need a bucket for soap water that you can easily carry around as you get the job done.
Scraper Scraper

There are times when things are stuck on the windows and you need to scrape them off.

Use a solution (if possible try for homemade) that is meant for your windows to get the best results.
Water hose
Water hose

For the outside side of your windows, you can hose off the detergent to save time.
Mop Mop

The mop is used to apply the detergent to the windows.

Easy Window Cleaning Tips

Now that you have the right supplies gathered, it is time to get the job done. You will do one window at a time for the best results.

Start by using the mop and detergent to scrub your window. Once you scrub well, rinse the window with water and use the squeegee to completely remove the water. This will prevent water spots from accumulating on your windows.

When you use a squeegee, you must start from the very top of the window and pull it downward using moderate pressure. In between each squeegee pass, shake the water off so that you are not adding more water to the window. Some people find it helpful to wipe the squeegee with an absorbent cloth in between passes. Use the following information to ensure that your windows are free of streaking after cleaning:

  1. To eliminate streaks, start by using your squeegee with horizontal strokes. Follow up with vertical strokes so that streaks cannot occur in either direction.
  2. If there are any scratches left after squeegeeing the windows, you can use a white toothpaste to fill any tiny scratches so that they are no longer visible. Just rub in the toothpaste using a soft cloth.
  3. Avoid cleaning your windows on a day when there is sunlight because this increases the risk of streaking. This is because the sun will cause the detergent to dry faster. Wait until it is cloudy outside so that you have time to rinse away the detergent before it dries.
  4. After you squeegee a window, you can polish it using and old cotton T-shirt. This will remove any residue and ensure that there is nothing left on the window to cause streaking or make the window less transparent. You can also use old newspaper crumpled into a ball if you do not have an old T-shirt.

The detergent that you use should be meant for windows. You also want to make sure that it is able to cut through oils and other environmental factors that build up on your windows.

Many people find dish washing liquid to be an effective window cleaner. This is because this type of soap is meant to cut through thick grease and grime, so it will not leave anything on the windows after a good scrubbing.

When you are applying your detergent with the mop, start at the top of the window and scrub in a circular motion to dislodge dirt and impurities. Make sure that the mop head uses an absorbent sponge material so that you are getting enough detergent to transfer to the windows. When you are ready to rinse, start rinsing from the top to push the detergent and dirt down the window.

As you can see, the right window cleaning tips make a big difference when it comes to keeping your windows clean. The right window cleaning tools also help to ensure that the process goes easier.

Ideally, you want to clean your windows inside and out at least twice a year. It is important that one of these times be after the winter season since things like road salts and dry air can do a number to your windows. Now that you know how to clean your own windows, you can do it yourself and save the money you would spend hiring a professional cleaning company.

Homemade window cleaning solution:

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