Simpson Megashot 3125 Review

Simpson Megashot 3125 is one of the best pressure washers in the market today. This is based on my assessment and especially considering the performance which is backed by its 3100 psi and 2.5 GPM. I have used two different models in the past which were a little bit difficult to operate plus their performance is incomparable with what this particular machine has to offer.

Simpson Megashot 3125

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When buying a pressure washer. All I look for a combination of power, durability, efficiency, and ease of operation. These are some of the attributes that I would particularly single out having used Honda GCV190 pressure washer for the past 3 months. I personally do not have a driveway to clean and therefore I do not know how well it can perform on such a surface. However, the experience I have when cleaning my deck, patios, house siding and outdoor furniture plus the research I have conducted on Simpson Megashot MSH3125-S gives me the confidence to share with you in this review.

Honda GCV190 Engine

One of the greatest parts of this pressure washer is the unit’s engine which is easy to operate and also makes the 3100 psi pressure washer light in weight. It is also quiet during operation and therefore I have found it ideal since I do not like hearing much noise while doing my cleaning. If you are like me and are looking for a combination of power and control, then you might consider having a look at this pressure washer.

Durable pump design

Simpson MSH3125-S MegaShot 3100 PSI 2.5 GPM Honda GCV190 Engine Gas Pressure Washer is also equipped with an OEM hi-tech axial cam pump that has PowerBoost technology which enhances performance while at the same time helping reduce noise, vibration and heat thus extending engine and pump life.

The pump is designed to supply high pressure at the nozzle which enables for greater impact and cleaning performance. While researching the different pumps, I discovered not many brands going at the same price are capable of offering this kind of performance while guaranteeing low noise and vibration.

Features and specifications

  • Simpson 3125 pressure washer incorporates a welded frame structure and 10-inch quality tires that guarantee significant durability while making maneuverability effortless.
  • It has columns of steel spray rods with 5 stainless steel nozzle tips that are easy to connect. The nozzles are positioned at 40, 25, 15 and 0 degrees. It also has a soap applicator.
  • Simpson Megashot 3125 comes with a ¼ inch by 25 ft high-pressure poly-braided pipe which is scratch and twist resistant and therefore does not leave scuff marks on your cleaning surface.
  • Additionally, Honda GVC190 pressure washer has an integrated safety lock that helps prevent accidental gun activation.

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Customer reviews and score rating

Simpson MSH3125-S MegaShot 3100 PSI 2.5 GPM Honda GCV190 Engine Gas Pressure Washer is, without a doubt, a versatile washer for commercial and residential purposes. It does the job perfectly well and will help clean your surface of all kinds of dirt and stains leaving you fully satisfied. Sincerely, I would not like to sound as though I am marketing this product but I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for great value for money for a pressure cleaner.

During my research and writing, I discovered 104 Simpson Megashot msh3125-s customer reviews which had given the product 4.0 stars out of 5.0.

Most of the reviews written in are generally positive apart from the fact that many customers seemed not very satisfied with the manufacturer’s way of handling the sales. In fact, based on my assessment, customers reviewing the product overwhelmingly agree that this product is great and worth buying.

One of those who had written a review said, “I’ll start by saying this machine purrs nicely and once all the parts are present, it’s very nice”. I think based on this problem, I would recommend buying Simpson Megashot 3125 from Amazon to ensure that all parts are available or your problems can be sorted out quickly. Another writer wrote, “Overall I’m very happy with this pressure washer”

Considering my experience and that of many other reviewers, I think I can easily recommend the Simpson Megashot 3125 pressure washer.

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To summarize, Simpson Megashot MSH3125-S can easily handle whatever cleaning job you want to do within your home. It is easy to use and energy efficient. Many real users recommend the product and I too would vouch for it.

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