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Pressure washer parts:

  1. Pressure Washer Carts – These carts either come with your machine or are bought separately. They help move the genuinely heavy washer from one part of the house to another.
  2. Covers – Never let your machine get dirty. Since it comes with a cover we can keep it covered up and cozy.
  3. Hoses – We all know what a hose does and these high pressure ones are especially helpful for cleaning.
  4. Detergent Injectors – A neat little add on to give your washer that extra push. Detergent or bleach can be added on to ensure total cleanliness.
  5. NozzlesVarious nozzles can be used to ensure the proper shape and dimensions of the water flow.
  6. Gauges – Attached to the washer to re-check the pressure of the water as it escapes. Looks like a meter (in case you’re having trouble finding it).
  7. Pumps – The heart and soul of your washer. This is what increases the water pressure from a simple house line to something out of a science fiction movie.
  8. Quick Couplers – Used to attach a garden hose to the inlet.
  9. Surface Cleaners – These extensions clean surfaces faster than the standard nozzle. They are generally round and flat, covering a greater surface area than the nozzle thus allowing faster cleaning.
  10. Trigger Spray Guns– This is pretty self-explanatory. The spray gun comes with a control trigger to fire water.
  11. Turbo Nozzles – Higher pressure allows us to clean at least twice as fast as the standard spray nozzles.
  12. Wands– Usually used to clean long range items. Focuses on a narrower, more powerful beam.

Understanding Pressure washers terms

  • PSI – Pounds per Square Inch
  • GPM – Gallons Per Minute
  • CU – Cleaning Units
  • HP – Horsepower
  • W – Wattage

Adjusting pressure washer:

  1. The control panel – Most pressure washers come with a control panel that allows us to control the force/ amount of the flow and allows you to safely clean otherwise damageable surfaces. Remember, turning a 1000 psi jet of water on your window will almost certainly leave it smashed.
  2. The spray tips – Many pressure washer models come with a variety of spray tips that can adjust the shape of your spray. From wide to narrow, there are many variations of these spray tips that can help you clean surfaces you previously thought impossible.
  3. The distance – Remember to maintain at least a 12 inch distance when using a narrower water stream. Even when using a wide spray tip, you should always stay more than 2 inches away from the surface you are cleaning.
  4. The Detergent Add-On – Have you found a surface with so much grime that even the high powered water isn’t enough? Add in some detergent and ensure cleanliness with this magic high power water wand!

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