How to Clean a Boat Efficiently by using Pressure Washer

Boats are not a small investment so you want to ensure proper maintenance and care so that you can enjoy your boat for years to come. Knowing how to clean a boat effectively is a critical part of regular maintenance.

You want to keep your boat clean, but there is no need to clean it on a daily basis. There are a number of boat cleaning tips that all boat cleaners can use to ensure that they are cleaning all parts of their boat efficiently so that you can get the job done and then enjoy your time on the high seas.

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How to Clean Boat Seats

Most boat seats are vinyl because this material stands up the best against the elements. When you are cleaning your boat seats, keep the following in mind to protect your seats:

  • Do not use any gasoline, kerosene acetone on your seats
  • Do not use a power washer on boat seats because they are too powerful
  • Do not use any cleaners that have a petroleum or silicone base

You want to use gentle cleaners that are designed for vinyl so that it cleans it and protects it simultaneously. You can also apply a vinyl protectant after you clean and dry your boat seats. This helps to protect your seats against the elements so that they last longer without cracking or wearing down.

How to Clean Boat Carpet

You should clean your boat carpet one to two times a year, depending on how often you use your boat and what you use it for. You can use a pressure washer with a more gentle attachment so that you can remove dirt and other grime that is stuck in the boat’s carpeting. You can also use an outdoor carpet cleaner along with a pressure washer to remove tracked in dirt and grime for your boat’s carpeting.

Before you attempt to wash your boat carpeting, be mindful of the type of carpet that is on your boat. Read the instructions that come with the carpeting to ensure that you are using methods that will not damage the carpet.

For example, certain types of carpet should never be cleaned with more abrasive cleaners and cleaning techniques because it will ruin the carpeting. After cleaning your boat carpet, make sure that it dries completely before using your boat again so that you do not track dirt into damp carpeting.

How to Clean a Boat Hull

Keeping your boat hull clean and maintained ensures that you enhance overall boat performance while protecting the value of your boat. This area of your boat is constantly assaulted by the elements and they sustain a lot of action.

If your boat is in an area with salt water or heavily polluted water, it is even more important to maintain a clean hull because this will reduce barnacle growth and corrosion. Ideally, you want to clean your hull about once every two months to keep it clean and maintained.

Use the following steps for basic hull cleaning:

  • Rinse the hull thoroughly with a lower power hose that is attached to a fresh water source. The purpose is to loosen up things like mold, salt and algae.
  • Use a boat hull cleaner to scrub your hull to the water line.
  • Make sure that you are using a soft sponge so that you do not scratch your boat.
  • Cleanse the hull using circular motions to remove anything stuck to it.
  • Use the hose with fresh water again to rinse away the boat hull cleanser.
  • Soak a sponge in fresh water, wring it out well and then wipe the hull down to remove any remaining cleanser residue.

About twice a year, you should also do an extensive cleaning of your boat’s hull, using the following steps:

  • Use a hose with fresh water to rinse away lose debris.
  • Combine water and muratic acid and spray this on your hull.
  • Let the acid and water mixture to sit for approximately five to 10 minutes to dissolve things like grime, dirt and moss.
  • Remove any stuck on grime with a soft bristle brush.
  • Use a hose with fresh water to rinse the acid away.

Remember that you must rinse thoroughly. If any of the acid remains on your hull, it can lead to corrosion and rust spots.

General Boat Cleaning Tips

While the seats, hull and carpeting are the three primary things that you want to clean on a normal schedule, there are other elements of your boat that you want to clean.

There are a number of things to remember when it comes to how to clean a boat. These will ensure that your boat is clean and maintained for a long time. Use the following advice when you are working to clean your boat:

  • Use a good wax on your boat after you completely clean and dry it. This will protect the fiberglass component of the body of your boat. You should use wax one to two times per boating season.
  • Make sure that you keep your boat windows clean since dirty windows can impair your ability to drive your boat and enjoy the water views. You can use a glass cleaner or use a mixture of vinegar and water.
  • Look for a good sealant so that you can ensure that none of the joints in your boat are impaired. This will prevent leaking, rusting and corrosion at the joints.

Now you know how to clean a boat effectively so that everything looks great and is well-maintained. Boat cleaning is something that all boat owners can do so there is no need to pay someone else to do.

It is best to create a cleaning schedule for the various parts and adhere to this. This ensures that your boat remains in good condition, but you can work the schedule so that it does not interfere with the leisure time you want to spend on your boat doing things like cruising and fishing with your friends and family.

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