Important Cleaning Tips for Your Entire Home

It is important to keep your house neat and clean. It includes your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, study room, windows, doors, floor, wall, etc. Here are some house cleaning tips that will definitely help you clean your home in a hassle-free way. I think you’ll enjoy the tips.

Living Room:

Cleaning Tips for Sofa/Couch

Cleaning Tips for Your Sofas

Cleaning coach or sofa by leather cleaner and conditioner, upholstery dry cleaner solution, or water-based upholstery detergent is very easy. To get details read here how to clean your sofa or couch.

Coffee and Side Tables Cleaning Tips

Coffee and Side Tables Cleaning

You can clean your coffee and side tables easily by using this solution of a tablespoon of salt, few drops of water and white vinegar. To get full instructions click here.

The Easiest Cleaning Solution for Cabinets


Cleaning cabinet will be quite easy if you apply some techniques. You can use warm water, diluted all-purpose cleaner, wood cleaner or white vinegar to remove stains and grease from your cabinet. Select suitable cleaning solution and ingredients on the basis of your cabinet type: wooden, painted, metal or laminate. Check here to get full directions for cleaning of all types of  cabinet.

Stain Removal Tips from Rug


Using a vacuum cleaner you can clean or remove stains from your rug easily. To get full directions how to clean and stain removal process from your rug click here.

How to Clean your TV Screen?


You can clean your TV screen sampling giving a spray and wipe it down. But it may prove unsafe for your TV. To get details of safe TV cleaning process click here.


Mattresses Cleaning Tips


Fresh, clean and fragrant mattress helps to get a sweet sleep at night. Using a vacuum cleaner, solution of vinegar and water you can clean your mattress and remove a deeper stain from the mattress. To get full instructions on how to clean your mattress click here.

How to Wash Whiten Yellowed Pillows


To wash yellowed pillows use 1 cup of laundry detergent1 cup of dishwasher detergent, ½ cup of borax, 2 spoons of bleach and hot water. To know more click here.

Tips on how to Wash Duvet


Use tepid water and detergent to wash your duvet and start early in the morning so that it gets time to dry out. For further information or tips to clean your duvet read here.

Tips on How to Keep your Dressers and Chests Odor Free


You can keep your dressers and chests odor free by using vinegar, baking soda and borax. Read here to get full directions.

Mirrors Cleaning Suggestions

To clean your mirror you need flat-weave microfiber cloth, glass cleaner, and alcohol to remove nasty goofy stains on glass. Watch this video to get full instructions for cleaning the mirror.


How to Remove Toilet Stains


Try green route made up of mild, natural acid, such a lemon juice or vinegar to clean the stains off your toilet. For further process read here.

Useful Hints for Cleaning Bathtubs


Use squeegee, vinegar, microfiber cloth to clean your bathtub. Check here for gradual process to clean your bathtub.

Cleaning Tips for Disinfect Wooden Bathroom Cabinets

Use commercial disinfectant or distilled white vinegar to clean your wooden bathroom cabinets. To get step by step instruction check here.

How to Clean a Vanity


Choose a perfect cleaner to clean your bathroom vanity on the basis of your vanity type: glass, wooden or marble. To get how to clean process click here.


How to Keep Kitchen Cabinets Clean and Stain Free


Food smudges, greasy build-up, and fingerprints make your kitchen cabinet dull and dingy. It is must to clean your kitchen cabinet regularly. For cleaning tips for your kitchen cabinet click here.

Cleaning Tips for Oven


To ensure longer use of your oven, it is must to keep your oven clean.Check here to get helpful tips for cleaning your oven.

How to Clean your Ceramic Stovetop


Clean your ceramic stovetop by using baking soda. To know how to clean method click here.

Cleaning Tips for Smelly Dishwasher


To keep your dishwasher running efficiently and smelling fresh, clean it once in a day. For cleaning tips read here.

How to Clean your Fridge


Clean your refrigerator or fridge using some easy tips. To get step by step process for cleaning your fridge click here.

How to Remove Stains from your Crock Pot


To remove the fume stains from your crock pot spray few drops of oven cleaner. To get clear instruction Click here to get details.

How to Clean Out the Pantry


Start cleaning your pantry with a feather duster. For further information please check here.

Easy Process for Cleaning your Toaster &Toaster Oven


Use trashcan, sponge, warm water, vinegar to clean your toaster. To know detailed cleaning methods click here.

Cleaning Solution for a Stand Mixer


To clean your stand mixer use hot soapy water and clean kitchen rag. For details visit here.

Esay Cleaning Solution to Clean your Coffee Maker


Make a solution of white vinegar and warm water to clean your coffee maker. For details process click here.

Faster and Smarter Cleaning Tips for Countertops


Clean your countertop by using mild bleach solution and baking soda. Then rinse it with clean water. To know detailed information check here.

Cleaning Sink Faucet is Quite Easy Task


Remove water spots, mildew stains and assorted grime from your sink faucet by using white vinegar. To get details click here.

Clean Bagless Vacuum for Longer Safety


Take canister apart and remove stubborn dirt and fluff from it. After that rinse it with warm water.To get more guideline for clean your bag-less vacuum click here.

Clean your Kitchen Sink and Disposal without using any Chemicals


Clean your kitchen sink without using any harmful chemicals or cleaners like lemon, vinegar or detergent. To get step by step process visit here.

Cleaning Tips for Wooden Dining Table


Use soft clean cloth, walnut, iodine, mayonnaise and wooden conditioner to clean your wooden dining table. Read here to get details.

Deep Stains Removal Process from Dishes


To remove deep stains from dishes, rub Zud cleanser on the stains and leave it for few minutes. For details process of stain removal check here.

Cleaning Rules for your Cutting Board


To clean your cutting board, use lemon and kosher salt. Click here for details.

Study Room:

How to Clean Up your Computer System


To clean cluttered or infected hard drive or physically clean your computer parts, read here step by step instruction.

Clean and Care Tips for your Books


Clean your bookshelves weekly to preserve the life of the books. To get how to clean and care process click here.

How to Clean and Organize your Desk


To keep your desk clean and organized follows some tips. Click here to get some helpful tips to keep your desk clean and organized.



Window Cleaning Tips

Use spray bottle filled warm water, microfiber cloth, cleaning tooth brush and a squeegee to clean your window. To get detailed instruction read here.

How to Clean Blinds

Clean Blinds

You need vacuum blind lambs-wool duster, a rubber sponge and an all-purpose cleaner to clean your blinds. For detailed cleaning process check here


How to Clean Wooden, Glass, Interior and Exterior Doors


Prepare a homemade cleaning solution with 1 teaspoon baking soda, a dab of liquid soap, 4 cups of hot water to clean your glass doors. Check here to get the full instruction.

How to Clean a Doormat


To clean your doormat, you need vacuum cleaner with brush attachment, baking soda, scrubbing brush, garden hose, visit here to get full instructions.


Cleaning Tips for Stainfree, Clean Tile Floors


Use hot water and d-greasing product to clean your tiles floor. Click here to get more cleaning tips for cleaning your tiles floor.

Tricky Way to Clean Hardwood Floors


To remove dirt, oil and grime from your hardwood floors, use bleach or vinegar solution with warm water on the basis of the stain type. For further information read here.


How to Clean Painted Walls


Make a cleaning solution with warm soapy water and baking soda to clean painted walls. Click the link below to get full details.


Sweep your Porch without Sweeping Much


Clean your porch by using a blower. It will save your time and effort. To know how to sweep porch with a blower visit here.

Vent Cover:

Tips for Cleaning an Air Conditioner Return Vent Cover


Use vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and debris from your air conditioner vent cover. For more information, click here.

How to Clean a Light Switch


Use rubbing alcohol or all purpose cleaner to clean the switch plates. Check here to get the method of cleaning switch plates.

Gas Grill Cleaning Methods


Make a solution of hot water and dish soap. Apply it to the grill and scrub with scouring pad or a wire brush. For more details click here.

Easier Cleaning Tips to make your Old Curling Iron to New One


Use a piece of non soapy steel wool to make your old curling looking new. Check here to get more details.

Cleaning Tips for Sanitize and Odor Free Washing Machine


Clean your washing machine to sanitize and remove smells regularly. To get step by step directions check here.

The Easiest Ink Removal Process From Clothes


Use rubbing alcohol or methyl spirit to remove an ink stain from your clothes. To get detailed information on gradual process of removing ink stain from your cloth visit here.

Easiest and Shortcut Hair Brushes Cleaning Tips


To clean your hair brush use flat comb, dish washing detergent or shampoo and an old tooth brush. For more information click here.

How to make Old Sneakers to New One


To make your old sneakers to new one use some toothpaste while scrubbing it with a plastic brush. To know more about sneakers cleaning tips read here.

Cleaning Tips for your Glue Gun


Use foil ball to wipe off anything from the body of the glue gun or can heat it up slightly. To get details cleaning tip for your glue gun check here.

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