Grout Cleaning Tips that Really Work

When you have grout in your home, you have to pay special attention to it to keep it clean and ensure that it maintains its integrity. Cleaning grout properly requires the right cleaner and the right technique.

There are some grout cleaning tips that you must use to ensure that you remove all staining and dirt that is distorting the color of your grout. Regular cleaning will prevent dirt from building up so that when you go to clean your grout, the process is easy and something you can do without a major time investment.

Grout cleaning

Grout is porous and this means that it can easily get stained and not look clean and new. You can apply a grout sealer to reduce how often you need to clean it, but it still has to be cleaned regularly with a sealer.

The right grout cleaning tips are universal and will work on grout, whether it is sealed or not, and the three primary types of grout, which include:

  • Flooring grout
  • Resin grout
  • Epoxy or cement-based tiling grout

Using the Right Products to Clean Grout

There are a variety of products that can effectively clean the grout in your home. If you prefer a more natural cleaner, you can clean grout with vinegar. It is best to add some baking soda to the vinegar to add a bleaching agent. Mix the two together so that you can a paste-like material.

Be aware that you need to slowly create this mixture to reduce the bubbling that occurs when the two are mixed. Use your chosen tool to scrub in a circular motion when you use this mixture.

Commercial grout cleaners are necessary when grout is very dirty or deeply stained. It is important that the commercial cleaner that you choose is properly pH-balanced so that it cleans the grout without compromising its integrity.

If the cleaner is not pH-balanced, it will erode the grout every time that you use it. With this type of cleaner, you should apply it to the grout that you are cleaning, let it sit for about five minutes and then start the scrubbing process.

Generic household cleaners can be used for grout that is mildly stained or dirty. This includes things like floor cleaners or oxygenated bleach. Simply apply this type of cleaner to the grout you are cleaning and use the right tool to scrub the grout. You usually have to mix the cleaner with water to dilute it before use.

Exploring the Best Way to Clean Grout

Now that you know the best cleaners to use for grout, you have to choose the best grout cleaning tool. If your grout is only mildly dirty, a soft-bristled grout brush is generally enough to get everything clean. You simply use the brush along with your chosen cleaner and scrub the grout. Rinse everything with plain water when you are done.

There are grout brushes with stiffer bristled that you can use if soft bristles are not enough to fully remove the dirt and stains. When you use this type of brush, make sure to only use it on areas that are severely stained or dirty. This is because the stiff bristles can break down the integrity of the grout over time so you want to minimize their use whenever possible.

To remove random stains on your grout, you can use a basic adult toothbrush. This is only ideal for small areas of staining or spot cleaning.

Using a pressure washer is another option you can use for cleaning grout on a tile floor or cleaning shower grout. This is a good option when you have staining and dirt that is not coming up with the other tools that you are using. Use a narrow nozzle so that all of the pressurized water is focused on the grout lines that you need to clean.

You can add a cleaning agent to the pressure washer so that you can pressurize the cleaning agent for the best results. If you choose to do it this way, simply remove the cleaning agent to rinse the grout with plain water when you are done. You can use plain water, however, and this is often enough to fully clean all types of grout.

Make sure to always use these grout cleaning tips when you are cleaning the grout throughout your home. They ensure that you are able to clean effectively and efficiently. You do not want to let stains build up because this will take you hours to rectify.

Ideally, you want to clean your grout about once a month to prevent staining and to keep it clean. Regular cleaning will also help to keep your grout in good shape so that you do not have to re-grout anything in your home on a frequent basis.

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