Generac 6921 Pressure Washer Review

Generac 6921 2,500 PSI 2.4 GPM pressure washer is an amazing appliance for different cleaning chores around the house. If you love convenience during your cleaning tasks, then you will definitely fall in love with this washer as it makes it possible to wash different kinds of surfaces.

Generac 6921

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Our pressure washer had started showing signs of aging and cleaning was such a boring task. First, I decided to borrow one from my neighbor and that is how I came across Generac 6921. The powerful washer was so amazing that I decided to buy one. I also carried out some research on this and other pressure washers and what I discovered was impressive. From the different available pressure washers, Generac 6921 stood out as one of the best in the market and after a few months of usage, I have decided to share my experience with you.

Impressive cleaning power

Generac 6921

A good pressure washer needs to have the right cleaning power to help achieve the desired cleaning results on different surfaces. Generac 2500 psi power washer is by all means a great cleaning machine with an impressive cleaning power which makes it easy to clean residential surfaces without the need to exert a lot of energy. This, coupled with its 2.4 gallon per minute (GPM) rating, makes any cleaning process faster and more efficient. I have been using this Generac product to clean a long driveway. The results are always amazing and very quick.

One of the things I have noted while using the 2500 psi electric pressure washer in comparison with my previous device is that I am able to not only finish my washing tasks faster but also save money on fuel. For me, enjoying these benefits is greatly welcome because I don’t enjoy cleaning but now I can finish quickly and get onto important things!

Powerful 196cc Generac OHV engine

To enhance its performance, this Generac pressure washer is equipped with a powerful 196cc OHV engine which is also easy to start. In fact, the engine makes the unit easy to start and shut down especially because the integrated un-loader and low oil shutdown. This gives assurance of engine durability and safety. The fact that the product comes with a warranty is also reassuring.

Features and specifications

  • Generac 2500 psi power washer is equipped with a user-friendly spray nozzle that has a distinctive cushion grip to minimize vibration thus reducing fatigue during your cleaning.
  • It has a 25-foot hose that allows you to clean without moving the washer around unless it is absolutely necessary. This, coupled with the axle and wheels, make it easy to use and move the Generac 6921 on different surfaces no matter the landscape.
  • The axial cam pump is easily accessible and therefore you can connect the hose with ease. You do not have to kneel or bend too low to do it.

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Customer reviews and rating

2500 psi electric pressure washer is a high performance washer. It can be used on different kinds of surfaces with some impressive results. During my research, I found 125 customer reviews that had given this Generac pressure washer a star rating of 4.5 out of the 5.00 stars.

The customer reviews are generally positive as far as performance is concerned and the most niggling points that I found were related to shipping issues and not to the equipment.

One customer said, “Received the next day with the main plastic handle broken” To be frank, the issue of a broken or snapped handle seemed to be the main reason for a number of negative comments that I found although mine arrived whole and fully functional.

Another customer noted, “What a great pressure washer. The different nozzle tips are nice and the pressure is more than acceptable for home use. I have pressure washed my deck, gutters, stairs, driveway, etc. with no problems”


In summary, 2500 psi electric pressure washer offers great value for the money and you will find it great for your cleaning tasks. I certainly will recommend it to all my friends.

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